Friday, February 12, 2010

Gonzaga's in

Gonzaga posted a pretty impressive win last night over a very good Saint Mary's team that I already had as an NCAA tourney participant. I think the win means the Zags have a foolproof argument for admission as well, regardless of how the rest of their season plays out. They jump in front of Northern Iowa on my list, which now looks like this after the other games from Feb. 11 are considered:

1 Seeds

2 Seeds
Brigham Young
New Mexico

3 Seeds
Northern Iowa
Murray State

4 Seeds
Saint Mary's
Wichita State

5 Seeds
Coastal Carolina

If West Virginia can win at Pitt tonight, they're my next team in.

Saturday, I think Michigan State punches their ticket with a win at Penn State; UNLV gets an invite if they win at San Diego State; Kansas State is in if they beat Colorado; Texas gets in with a win over Nebraska; the winner of the Rhode Island-Temple game makes my list; Tulsa gets in by beating Memphis; and Virginia Tech punches its ticket with a win over rival UVA.

And then on Sunday, I think Ohio State locks in a spot with a win at Illinois. So by the close of the weekend, I could have nine more teams on my bracket list, filling it in halfway through the 7 Seeds.

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