Saturday, February 13, 2010

28 down, 37 to go...

Lots of great basketball today, and a lot of teams earned my "lock" status for today - locks as in no matter what they do the rest of the season they've earned a bid to the NCAA tourney as far as I'm concerned. Of course, as other teams get locked in and automatic bids start going out, there will probably be too many teams to make the list of 65...

But anyway, after seeing today's games and highlights, and without much analysis, here's my field, through the first 7 seeds.

1 Seeds

2 Seeds
Brigham Young
Kansas State - Debuts in the list today
Villanova - Drops from third to final 2 seed

3 Seeds - All brand new today
Old Dominion
Virginia Tech
Michigan State

4 Seeds
Utah State - Debuted today
New Mexico - Dropped from the last 2 seed
Butler - Dropped from the top 3 seed
Gonzaga - Dropped from the second 3 seed

5 Seeds
Temple - Debuted today
Northern Iowa - Dropped from the third 3 seed
Murray State - Down from the fourth 3 seed
Saint Mary's - Down from the top 4 seed

6 Seeds
Richmond - Debuted today
Siena - Down from the third 4 seed
Cornell - Down from the second 4 seed
Wichita State - Down from the fourth 4 seed

7 Seeds
Louisiana Tech - Debuted today
Northern Colorado - Debuted today
Coastal Carolina - Down from the top 5 seed
Oakland - Debuted today

Ohio State at Illinois is the Feb. 14 game of the day. Win and the Buckeyes probably rate a 3 seed from me.

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