Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too Much is Never Enough

Would it have killed the fucking insurance companies to just revise the way they deal with people with pre-existing conditions? Seriously. Are there enough people in this country with dire pre-existing conditions that signing them onto policies would've bankrupted any of these mega-insurance firms? That's the shit that pisses me off about big business. They all want to be allowed to do whatever they feel like doing and they just have to keep poking the bear until he wakes up EVERY TIME. All the insurance industry had to do was make some concessions that would've reduced their profit margins from obscene to very very high, and the government never would've gotten involved.

Same with the banks. Do you absolutely have to nickel and dime people to death? Do you absolutely have to issue accounts to illegal immigrants? Do you absolutely have to provide loans to people you know won't be able to pay them off, so you can make tons of money on fees off of them until they go belly up? And then, in their orgasmic throes amongst piles of ill-gotten cash, they suddenly put on a frowny face and go to Uncle Sam for help. And then Uncle Sam keeps their balls for collateral and nobody wins.

Capitalism is the best economic system in the world, provided there are more good people running the show than dipshits. What's happened in this country though, is that in fields like insurance and banking, all the dipshits buy out all the good people and the handful of monolith mega-dipshits left all frame identical policies and procedures so that in effect there is no competition. With this understood collusion, they never settle for enough and just bleed Americans dry for every ounce of profit they can, until inevitably enough people complain that the wrath of government is incurred. And then what are we in the middle left with? Corporate greed or government incompetence. What a great choice.

Why the fuck is it so hard for people to be honest and be good corporate citizens? Why is too much never enough? Because of these assholes, we'll now STILL have a handful of mega-wealthy operations, but with the added bonus of government regulation, which will also be floated by our tax dollars. So the banks and insurance companies continue to wallow in cash, the government and politicians continue to get fat while under the guise that they're doing something helpful, and my health care and bank accounts stay about the same - only they cost me more money. God bless America.

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huntman said...

Give 'em hell, Cramely.

The day of reckoning is forthcoming. What is not known is when and how it will happen.

You'll be on the right side when it does.

Best wishes,