Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winner of the first daily STFU:

Just about every Chicago media personality being interviewed on sports talk radio nationwide - and most sports talk hosts, actually. There are TWO Chicago teams in the MLB playoffs, douchebags. Why you gotta hate on the ChiSox? Because they don't operate primarily as a tourist destination and secondarily as a baseball club? Because they have real fans as opposed to pretenders and bandwagoners? Because they won't inevitably find some reason to choke, like say dropping Game 1 of their opening series at home 7-2? Just wondering.

Clearly I'm a ChiSox fan. However, if they can't get the job done, my order of preference to win the World Series:

1. Cubs. Yeah, I was talking smack, but I would love to see an all-Chicago Series, and the winning their third title 100 years on the dot from their last victory is pretty cool.
2. Brewers. I like this team, and Milwaukee is a good sports town.
3. Phillies.
4. Dodgers.
5. Rays.
6. Angels.
7. Red Sox. I am so over the Boston sports run.

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